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Yak is one of the rare species in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau of China, the total headage all over the world is around 14 millions.
The annual capacity of superior yak wool from a yak is 100g. Yak wool is very fine, the average fiber micron is around 17-18um and 30mmin length, majority of its fiberlooks brown and black.
Yak fibre is extremely fine and soft making it the perfect sustainable cashmere alternative. 
Its smoothness is due to the fact that every animal’s hair has a different surface texture, and yak down coat under a microscope looks scally. These scales fit tightly against the surface of the hair shaft, which makes it feel very smooth and consequently soft. 
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Yak Yarn Wholesale

Yarn Type : 100% yak
Composition:2/32nm 100% Yak
Technics:semi worsted
Sample:sample yarn available
Feature:Anti-Bacteria, Eco-Friendly, Moisture-Absorbent 
Certification:ISO9001,ISO14001 and OEKO-TEX100
Super warm 100% yak yarn and custom knitting  yak yarn worsted
Produce all kinds of high-quality yarn knitting of various natural fibers like cashmere, silk, wool, 100% yak, camel, mohair, angora, etc. in single, double, and triple-ply.
We are willing to produce your special composition, count, and colors of  100% yak and other yarn.
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 Product process
We choose natural Yak fiber from places of origin in Inner Mongolia, Qinghai province in China with fineness microns.  To keep strict standards on the fineness, fiber length, etc. to ensure top product quality. We have control over every process in the whole production line. That′s why we can oversee every procedure from gathering raw cashmere, dehairing, dyeing, spinning, knitting, finishing to final packaging. We use the best quality Yak fiber to spin the yarn. 
We are happy to produce your special composition, color and count.
We have development dept. to develop your special request.
For the packing and loading, customized request is also available.
Company profile
Company Profile
Company profile factory
Qinghe LiCheng Cashmere CO., Ltd. was founded in 1985, which is a multi-industry enterprise for making, separating, spinning, and producing cashmere and yak fiber. We have developed into a large advanced trade group with advanced managing mode, following P.R.C. Company Law. Our company currently covers a production area of 132,000 square meters with RMB 142 million assets. Our company also owns four subsidiaries, of which the cashmere raw material production company and the cashmere yarn company are both located in the world's largest cashmere production base - Qinghe.
We had approved ISO9001,14001, OEKO-TEX100 Accreditation, GOTS And SGS
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